Tax Preparation, Investment Management & Financial Planning all within one platform

Taking advantage of every opportunity to reduce your personal or corporate income taxes can be challenging especially if your tax preparer is not communicating with your financial advisor.

Our full-service accounting network can help individuals and small businesses across Canada and our approach is designed uniquely to meet each client’s need. Tax law provides certain flexibility and tools for tax saving or tax deferring. We ensure our clients get full advantage of these tax laws.

Our advisory team also includes notaries, corporate and family lawyers all within one family office and who can help make a difference in your finances.

For more information please contact your Zagari Simpson Advisor or Susan Cornes at 514-419-5399 or by email


Tax Preparation is provided by a Certified General Accountant (CGA, CPA) and is provided as a separate service & advice from PEAK Investment Services Inc. & Zagari, Simpson & Associates Inc.