People with money come to realize that money does not buy happiness and people who feel they don’t have enough money believe otherwise.


The Near Retirement or Retired Series is an entertaining educational workshop helping individuals transition or rejuvenate their retirement. Here is what to expect:

Running the NUMBERS

  • The importance of a personalized financial plan
  • Knowing what rate of return your investments need to generate
  • Should you spend less, save more or adjust your retirement income requirements
  • Inflation & longevity risks
  • Challenges of investing and saving in today’s environment

EMOTIONS behind retirement

  • The psychology behind retirement
  • Learn from others who have retired and what they have done right and wrong in retirement
  • Become more aware that retirement is not just about money
  • Realize that you may not have the proper resources to address your retirement needs
  • Why passion matters for both clients and financial advisors


For more information please contact your Zagari, Simpson Advisor or Susan Cornes at 514-419-5399 or by email


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