After a volatile week in the equity markets, we wanted to take this opportunity to touch base with our clients and remind them that we are monitoring the situation carefully.

Over the past 72 hours we have been busy gathering information and stress testing our positions. We are happy to conclude that after meeting with several 3rd party resources including Adam Smears, CFA head of fixed income research with Russell Investment Management, Bill Holy MBA, CFA, portfolio manager with Norrep Investments as well as Will Fayed, Vice President from Mackenzie Investments, our efforts have proven to be very positive.

With that in mind we want to remind our clients of our previous discussions throughout the year in which we highlighted the inevitable return of volatility and the potential of a market adjustment. Our message has not changed, in fact we see this most recent noise (aka) volatility, as an opportunity to buy should stock prices return to normal valuations in the short term. Sudden market declines have always provided those who are prepared and avoid having their emotions call the shots, capital growth opportunities and this time is no different.

At Zagari, Simpson & Associates we understand that it is not easy to digest the constant stream of negative headlines, industry jargon talks on TV which is why lately we have been increasing our efforts to stay connected with our clients.

In the coming weeks we will be hosting a series of presentations all designed to provide clarity regarding the environment your personal investments face today. These presentations will be held in a group setting during the week and accompanied by a catered breakfast.

If you would like to attend please reach out to Susan Cornes at for more information. *For clients only*